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it's a love/hate kind of relationship.

Sep 1 '12
Sep 1 '12

When that one freshman asks, “omG it’s raining do we still have practice LOL?!?”

why yes, yes we do.


Aug 27 '12
Aug 27 '12
Aug 27 '12
Aug 27 '12

i think I’m gonna start this blog up again woo

in the spirit of xc season

Jun 14 '12

moosesmeesesmices asked:

Oh my gosh! It's all so scarily accurate... Like crazy! Thank you for understanding! I have now located my people on tumblr!

k good

Jun 14 '12

spikesandspeed asked:

Follow back please? i love your blog!

this isn’t my main blog, so i don’t follow anyone.. but thanks

Jun 14 '12
everything hurts..

everything hurts..

Jun 11 '12

skitzy366 asked:

what do you recommend for someone who wants to like, learn to run better/ longer/ more? cause ive never really been like a running type, more like speedwalking with intervals of running and biking and weight training... so, tips?

I would definitely start very low and slowly build up over the course of months. also i would do cross training. for a really new runner, I would suggest maybe running 1 mile every other day for a week and walk/jog intervals for about half an hour on the other days.

push it to 2 if you think you can, and then in a month try going for half an hour. the important thing is to try to not build up too fast because then it’s easy to become injured/discouraged. it varies for each person, but generally running is so much more enjoyable once you’re actually in shape for it.

tell me how it goes!

May 15 '12

problemswithbeingarunner asked:

Freaking Reggie lung!

hate it

May 13 '12

the-rising-moment asked:

I'm a sprinter during track season, but I also do cross country over summer. I lalalalove this blog, I think you're fantastic and hilarious (:


May 5 '12
May 5 '12

Trying to warm up on the track next to sprinters.

#runningproblems #itshappened

May 4 '12

extraordinart asked:

are u a girl or guy?